Hello and Welcome!

You have reached the home of Kreative Kinship.  We are Michele Schutt and Maureen Turner, sisters living in Western NY.  We are wives, mothers and animal-lovers who happen to share a passion for paper-crafting. We both caught the scrapbooking bug about 20+ years ago when our children were little.


As our kids got older and more involved in sports and other activities, we found it harder and harder to carve time out of our busy lives to spend crafting.  Fast forward to today and we are empty-nesters who have rekindled our paper love-affair and happily spend most of our free time immersed in the world of stamping and card-making.


We are fortunate and blessed to only live a few miles from each other so our crafting time is almost always spent physically together.  If we can’t craft together physically, then we do it virtually via Skype (technology is wonderful)!

We discovered that our genetic similarities run deeper than just height and eye color as we have a strong affinity for the same styles and looks when it comes to making cards. Our likes and preferences are so similar that we rarely create anything that isn’t a collaborative effort and is also the reason why we made the decision to have a single social media account.

Past Design Teams

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